Buying a boat


We have been helping boaters buy the “right” boat for over 25 yrs. Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision
Choosing the “Right Boat”
  • Layout, Sailing Characteristics
  • Older and Larger vs Smaller and Newer , New vs Used
  • We go where the boats are – whether they are Great Blue listings or co-brokered and whether they are on the bay, around the country or in the islands.
Whether you’re a first time or an experienced buyer we’ll show you how to assess a boat’s general overall condition
  • Go through a “Pre-Survey” inspection, discuss tell tail signs of potential issues
  • Show you how to tell if a boat has been well maintained or just kept clean
Offers and Agreements
  • Market Analysis – Comps – current listings and recent sales
  • Certified Professional Brokerage – YBAA Purchase Agreement
  • Discuss Conditions of Sale that are appropriate for “this” purchase, not canned.
  • We’ll walk you thru the finance process and provide reputable financing sources
Survey and Sea Trial
We are there, with you, representing your interests.
  • Discuss the purpose and importance of the Survey and the Surveyor’s role
  • Provide list of local, qualified Surveyors
  • Make sure you understand survey findings and how they may effect the boat and future value
Orientation and Training
  • Systems, Electronics, Power Management
  • Docking and Boat Handling
  • Typical Maintenance Schedules and Upgrades
We are with you every step of the way!
Tel:  800-604-3242
Tony:  443-553-5046    Cherie 215-275-8037